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"The biggest advantage is having a professor with real world experience. The IS professor's consulting experience is what really got me interested in the field. After my first IS class I was hooked. I always loved to create websites and e-solutions, so this was the perfect fit."

Stephen Hunter

Graduation Year: 2008
Major: Information Systems

Deloitte & Touche LLP
ERS (Enterprise Risk Services) Consultant
Security & Privacy Services
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Stephen was bound for Marietta College from the start. Two of his grandparents are MC alumni, and both worked for the college. Dr. L. Anderson, his grandfather, will soon be getting a planetarium dedicated in his name at Marietta College. His mother is an alumnus and an adjunct professor. His uncle and sister are also MC alumni.

Stephen was of first students of the IS (Information Systems) major. While most students were skeptical and uncertain about the program at that time, he was venturous enough to embark on a journey that eventually led him to a promising career. Before attending Marietta College, he thought he wanted to go into Bio-Chemistry, but when he got to orientation, after extensively looking at the college catalog, he spoke with a professor about the IS major. She told him it dealt more with business than computer programming and was one of the majors in highest demand nationally.

Obviously he was intrigued, and decided that he wanted to try it. After his first IS class he was hooked. Stephen always loved to create websites and e-solutions, so this was the perfect fit. He had high ambitions of becoming a consultant from then on. Half a year before his graduation, Stephen had his first job interview with a world class consulting firm - Deloitte Touche LLP in Pittsburgh. He passed it with flying colors and he was offered a consulting position by Deloitte Touche the VERY next day!

Stephen is now working in the Security & Privacy Services at Deloitte & Touche LLP. "I owe all my success to the college. I got my first interview thanks to the college, and owe them for my education in the field," he says.

Advantages of attending MCIS:
"The biggest advantage is having a professor real world experience. The IS professor's consulting experience is what really got me interested in the field. Couple that with the network and experience the other professors offer makes the MC experience something very special."

Favorite MCIS memory:
"Group projects hands down. At the time it seems stressful and difficult, however, the payoff for completion was so great. For my capstone project, I worked with the other majors to create a corporate website for a local charity. Of all the projects I completed in my student and professional life nothing compared to feeling I got when we showed the final website to the client. The smile on his face when he saw his dream being realized was amazing."

How has MCIS benefited your career?
"MCIS directly led to my current employment. I received an education in an in-demand field, and to top it off got my first interview due to an alumnus. But it is deeper than just getting a job, also, MC taught me great career hints. Listen when your professors give insights into the work world, their knowledge is invaluable. When I was a sophomore a professor told me: "Read the wall street journal, watch the news, or watch sport center otherwise you wont have anything to talk about with you co-workers." It's little things like this that help you in the long run. When you can talk about the game with you partner, and the economic crisis with management you build a real professional relationship."

Advice for current or prospective MCIS students:
"Listen to what the professors have to say about networking. It may seem like they beat it into your heads, but that's because it is very important. The easiest way to find a job is to talk to the people you already know. You'll be surprised who the people you know."

Sample projects he is working on:
"To sum all my work up in a word I'm and auditor. I do system audits for General Computer Controls, which allows a financial audit team to take control reliance when doing the external audit of a company. I also participate in SAS70 audits. This is similar to a GCC audit except this is normally given to another firm who will be doing the GCC audit instead of our financial audit team."