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Students gain real-world experience from summer internships Print E-mail

Marietta College's Josh Gilbert '08 and Drew Hicks '08 gained quite a bit of professional experience after some busy summer internships - both Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Summer Programs.

Gilbert, a native of Springboro, Ohio, is a computer science major who has acquired an extensive amount of knowledge from his experience at Marietta College that proved helpful during his internship with John Deere.

"The internship brought classroom lessons to life as I interacted with members of the Information Technology department there," Gilbert said. "I was able to take the knowledge from classes such as Operating Systems, Database Design, and Programming and apply them in a demanding corporation such as Deere."

Gilbert not only used his skills from the computer science field in his internship but he was also able to apply skills he has gained from being apart of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity.

"Some of the more important lessons I have taken away from Marietta had little to do with my field of study. I used the professionalism, time management and organizational skills I've gained from my fraternity to give me the edge in a competitive internship," he said.

Gilbert plans to continue his experience with John Deere when he starts his position there after he graduates in December.

"I am excited to apply the skills I've learned from Marietta College in my future position at John Deere," Gilbert said.

Hicks, also a computer science major from Parkersburg, W.Va., spent his summer using his Marietta College skills doing research on his choice of topic "Using Games for Computer Science Education," at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte.

"The REU experience was a really good chance for me to strengthen the skills I've picked up at Marietta," Hicks said. "It was a glimpse at what grad school will be like."

He plans to continue his research topic into graduate school and the whole experience helped him in the future decisions about his education.

"The experience was a really helpful experience in terms of solidifying the direction I want to take my education."