Nov 12 2015


agg002 @ 12:11 pm

12285964_10207985138532291_1916863624_nMy name is Alisan Garber and I am a Finance major and an Economics minor.

I am currently a sophomore at Marietta College, graduating class of 2018. I’m working towards my major of finance, and my minor in economics. I am also an active participant in the colleges symphonic and wind ensembles playing the bassoon for both. I have played bassoon for 4 years and saxophone for 8 years. Before college, I was in my high schools marching band for 5 years, thanks to me being aloud to join a year early. I was also in various amounts of other smaller ensembles, among which was a steal drum band “PanJGea” which started my senior year of high school. Due to this musical background, I also have been known to bring a level of creativity and optimism towards work and challenges along with determination and discipline.

My course work relating towards my major is as follows, Micro Economics, Macro Economics, Managerial Accounting, Financial Accounting, Management of Information Systems, Computing in Business. In high  school, I have taken computer technology and intro in economics which has given me an understanding of all Microsoft Office applications such as Excel, Word, Publisher, PowerPoint and Access. Among these classes I have taken a well rounded amount of other classes and general education classes and maintain a 3.6/4.0 GPA in college, allowing me to be on the dean’s list every semester. I also have won one of the Marietta College’s Pioneer Scholarship. This is an award, awarded to a student who competes in the Pioneer Scholars Day, which includes an essay and group discussion on a topic chosen by the moderators.  and This has allowed me to attend Marietta College and get the quality education that I have received.

The other pages on my ePortfolio includes my resumework sample, interests, and my work experience and volunteering that makes me different from other canidates. If you you would like to email me my email address is You should go to my other pages and see more!

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