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My name is Alexis McKenzie. I am a mathematics major and I’m seeking a summer internship in the field of mathematics.

I graduated from Bloom Carroll High School in 2014, and started at Marietta College in 2014. I have taken many mathematics courses, but I am well versed in many subjects, such as taking petroleum engineering classes, physics classes, chemistry classes.

I have been a team captain of soccer teams throughout my life, I have been a mentor to youth through soccer, robotics, and science fair. I have won many science fair awards and invention convention awards, I was nominated for the 2010 Ohio South State Team through soccer, I was named to the 2014 Second Team Central Ohio in soccer,  I represented my school at the Congressional Art Show, and I have had artworkpublished in a magazine. I have been awarded three Mid-State League titles, broke four school records, and have been mentioned in the newspaper numerous times for my athletic prowess.

In high school I took every honors and Advanced Placement class that was available to me, regardless of my strength in said subject area, which just shows how hard I’m willing to work in order to get the best results possible for me. I was awarded with the Jack Anson Award in 2014, and won scholarships from Marietta College and Wright State University. My academics were not the only thing that set me apart from my colleagues, I was also able to surpass those around me with my athletics, with many different colleges scouting me from NAIA, all the way to Division I schools. Overall, I was very successful in my high school, and was heavily involved in many clubs such as Art Club, Science Club, Ping Pong Club, Spanish Club, and I even was a co-founder in the Bloom Carroll Politics Club.

So far in college, I have joined the Society of Petroleum Engineers, Geology Club, Republican Club, Society of Women Engineers, and I hope to join more clubs as I find more interesting and appealing clubs to join. I played on the women’s soccer team my freshmen year, becoming a starter as a freshmen, as well as joining intramural teams both winter seasons.