About Me

My name is Alexis McKenzie, I was born in Michigan, raised in Indiana, and currently live in Ohio.

I attended Bloom Carroll High School in Carroll, Ohio, and graduated in a class of just over 120. Carroll is a very rural area of Ohio, so where I come from, it’s not uncommon to have a cow walk into the school, and to have take your tractor to school days. I graduated in 2014, taking all honors classes, and AP classes.

I worked the summer at CAP and Associates, where I learned a lot about how manufacturers work, and decided that factory work is not something I want to do.

I transitioned into Marietta college fall of 2014, where I began majoring in Petroleum Engineering. I took a summer internship at K. Petroleum Inc. in Gahanna, Ohio. It was a very good opportunity to immerse myself into to the petroleum industry. I learned a lot about topography, the programs the industry uses, different machines used, and how to even deal with a business acquisition. After taking a summer internship at K. Petroleum Inc., I realized that Petroleum Engineering is not something that I could see myself doing for the rest of my life. So in the fall of 2015, I transferred into the Mathematics department. I look forward to graduating in 2018 with a major in mathematics.

Contact Information:

Alexis McKenzie
Email: akm003@marietta.edu
Address: 1809 W. Glenhurst Drive NW, Lancaster, OH 43130
Cell: 614-623-8178

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