Collegiate Works

Throughout my time at Marietta College, I have submitted various papers and assignments to be graded, and earning high grades on many of said works. Some of these were included in All Scholar’s Day 2015, and others were class projects or assignments I did well on and that I’m proud of the work I put into each.

The links below are some of the works I have completed during my four semesters so far on campus.

Examples of my Work

Document Name & Link Document Description
Estimated power Output This was a project from an Engineering class where we modeled the idea of building a dam on the Muskingum River near the walking bridge. We had to take measurements of the water depth throughout the river and then create calculations to determine a rough estimate on the amount of energy the dam could provide and how many homes it could supply with energy.
KHT Solubility Experiment Report In this paper, I examined how the results from a chemistry lab could be explained. It analyzed how the equilibrium point of different solutions varied through titration of NaOH. It analyzes the different properties that cause these changes and provides visuals through tables and formulas to help explain each reaction and why certain substances react to bases in particular ways.
Southeast Ohio Education and the Petroleum Industry This powerpoint that was presented at All Scholar’s Day in 2015 analyzes the effects of the Petroleum industry on the area around Marietta, Ohio. We interviewed members of the industry of the education system in the area in order to provide information to the public about the good and the bad of the industry on our community.

Thank you for taking the time to review any and all of my projects you have looked over.