Volunteer Work

Throughout my time at college and in high school I have volunteered in numerous places, and I plan on continuing to volunteer in communities regardless of where I am in the nation, or where I work.

In high school, I often volunteered at Brownsburg Public Library, in Brownsburg Indiana in the children’s department, where I read to children and even during the summers would help out with Summer Reading activities. We even would gather volunteers to dress up in costume when we read to help make the stories come alive.


Here, I was reading to children with my two sisters who were in costume during the summer reading. Seeing the children’s faces light up as we read and as they saw their favorite characters helped spark my passion for working with kids while volunteering.

Aside from just reading to children, I developed a love for coaching and refereeing soccer. I refereed Youth Soccer Under 8 leagues for two years, and coached two soccer teams for girls under the age of 12.


We went undefeated and managed to make sure everyone on the team scored at least once. This was where I found my passion, and helped to motivate me to play college soccer, which at the time I was on the fence about. I coached alongside my sister, where we developed daily practice schedules, lineups, contacted referees, parents and other coaches to form the games. We also organized a post season party to congratulate the girls on a fantastic season.

The love for the game and doing everything I could to help improve the lives of those who played spread to my high school team, where I volunteered countless hours in an attempt to raise money for my soccer team. We didn’t have enough money in our account to afford new jerseys for both the varsity and junior varsity soccer teams, so I began going door to door and talking to different local businesses about donating to our team and helping to get everyone on the team new jerseys. In about a month, I had single-handily raised enough money for both teams, and we got our new jerseys, which they are still using over four years later.

I didn’t stop with children and soccer though, once coming to college I saw an opportunity to volunteer with the area around Marietta, which could impact more than just children’s lives. I volunteered at the Gospel Mission Food Pantry, where I organized all the different donations and helped to organize the Easter Baskets for children in 2015. It was a wonderful feeling seeing children pick out baskets for Easter and their faces lit up when they saw all the jelly beans they would get.