Photo Gallery

If you were wondering more about what I do in my spare time, and who I am as a person, browse the following pictures to learn a bit more about me.


I love to run, all through high school and even through college, I have participated in short marathons, and 5ks. I usually run with my family, or my soccer team. This picture was from the Courage, Conquer, Cure race in Canal Winchester, Ohio, where my soccer team raised money to help fight breast cancer.


After our Courage, Conquer, Cure race, my sister and I both won first place medals in different categories. I won for the fastest finish in the 18 and under category, while my sister won the award for the fastest female finish. We are very passionate about running, but also running for a cause, we ran this race with our grandmother who beat breast cancer, and we were beyond glad to have her there with us and cheering us on as we crossed the finish line in her honor.


This was my high school soccer team, where we won the Mid-State League three of the four years I was in high school. I was a starter all four years of high school, and I broke four school records, including Fastest Goal Scored (17 seconds), Most Goals in One Season (34 goals) and Most Career Goals (84 goals). I won numerous soccer awards including first team all district for two years, Player of the Year in 2014, team captain, the Jack Anson Award, and Ohio South State Team.


Upon coming to college, I immediately joined the EXCEL Leadership group, where the first week on campus we went through numerous training and learning regiments to learn more about who we are as leaders, and how to become better leaders. This is my EXCEL leadership group with our leaders who taught us a lot, and introduced us to our first friends we made on campus.


These are my peers and I, we love to surround ourselves with the outdoors and are never shy of adventure. On Easter weekend in 2016, we all drove down to Hocking Hills to visit Old Man’s Cave and experience the miracles of nature and rock formations. I love the outdoors, and spending time outdoors with friends is the best way I like to spend my weekends.


I love to spend free time drawing as well, which just shows how much of a creative person I am. I don’t think like everyone else, I try to take a step back and attempt things from a new angle. When drawing, I almost never stick to the original idea, I always change and manipulate what I make until I finish the drawing to my standard. I drew this on paper, because I’m a very hands on person, and I took around 4 hours to make, which shows my patience and willingness to make a project great.