How has information technology changed my life?

Information technology has changed my life by giving me more resources to help me with my studies and give me more opportunities to expand my education. Classes now mainly are either online or you have to do your assignments online. Being in college a good amount of professors give their due dates for the assignments online, they could either had a specific website that you need to go to in order to find it or some professors will email that information. It helps a lot that the professors put all the work that you need to do on a website because it’s easier to access and we use technology daily, it’s easier to see what you’re missing or what you still need to do. I recently purchased an Apple product called the MacBook Air laptop for college and it has made everything so much easier. I can use this laptop with no problem because my mother had a MacBook Pro at home and my laptop it is set up the same way as hers. I also have the iPhone 5c and I can hook up my phone and laptop together and access everything on my phone on my laptop. Personally I like how everything is now transferring to technology and think it will benefit everyone in the end. It’s especially good for business because it’s easier to do certain jobs.