Technology has become a big role in our lives and Apple takes that advantage as much as they can. Apple always comes up with new gadgets that are even more advanced than their own products. This company is releasing new products very soon that almost everyone will love. These new products are the Apple T.V., iPhone 6s, and iPad Pro + Apple Pencil. My favorite new Apple product is the iPhone 6s. It has a lot of better features then the other iPhones, which will make it seem like this version of the phone will function better than the other iPhones. The new iPhone has a feature called, the 3D touch. This new feature lets you interact with different apps and lets you “Peek” and “Pop”. The peek and pop features lets you have the ability to peek at something to see if you want to go deeper into the action. Being able to peek and pop is also a shortcut to get into apps like Messages, Camera, Photos and Maps. The release is going to make non Apple phone users want to switch and see what they are missing out on. Apple already has has a lot of non Apple users switching to Apple products, after the release of this new phone it’s safe to say that they will be getting a lot of new customers. With all the new features being added to this phone I think Apple users are going to love having iPhones even more than they do right now.