The End Draweth Nigh…

MCThe Fall semester is fast upon us…

This week marks the finals days of my summer classes: Introduction to Management Systems and Fundamentals of Financial Accounting. Balancing these courses in addition to my fill-time job has certainly been a lesson in time management as well as utilizing online collaboration software. Though a struggle at times, the opportunity to take courses during the summer has in turn given me more opportunities to embrace the liberal arts education offered at Marietta College and take a breadth of courses during my semesters here.

In just a few short weeks, I look forward to moving back onto campus and starting traditional classes again. Though a definite learning experience, I prefer the classroom and Socratic methods that only a physical classroom can provide–I thrive on discussion and collaboration with my peers, am I’m excited to be back in that environment. This coming semester, I look forward to classes such as Environmental Economics, Financial Systems, and many more.

Feel free to explore some of the work I’ve done in previous courses, as well as brief course descriptions. Best wishes for the remainder of the summer, and please, wish me luck in the Fall semester!


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