Sample Works

Below are a few samples of my academic work done at Marietta College.

Throughout my stay at this institution, I have not only completed, but succeeded

in many rigorous courses ranging from Environmental Economics to Honors Literature.

The array of courses offered in the liberal arts atmosphere of Marietta College

has given me a well-rounded education, with a focus in the fields of my passion:

International Business, Economics, and Leadership.

Environmental Economics
The economic analysis of exhaustible and renewable resources. Topics include the design and impact of government policy as it pertains to water and air pollution, global warming, endangered species, sustainable economic growth, and a host of other environmental problems

  • To the right, view my final project for this class. During this project. I analyzed a specific market–US residential natural gas–and analyzed scenarios and shifts in both demand and supply, studying their potential effects on the market.
ECON 350
Theories and Models of Leadership The course seeks to: introduce students to several major theories and models of leadership; give students a broad cognitive map of the current state of theories and models of leadership; develop students’ understanding and appreciation for the practical use of theories and models of leadership; encourage students to develop their own evolving approach to leadership, and; assist students in connecting contemporary and historical approaches to leadership to historical and cultural contexts.

  • To the right, view an academic paper in which I applied a current New York Times article to a relevant leadership theory. Papers such as this were written on a monthly basis.
LEAD 201
Introduction to Comparative Politics A survey of broad issues in comparative politics, rather than the politics of any one nation. Examines principle concepts for comparison based on political and economic climate, emphasizing research and discussion-based learning.

  • To the right, view my final research assignment for this course. the paper is an economic and political analysis of China, a BRICS country, founded in China’s historical systems as well as recent exponential growth.
POLS 120
Business in Global Context An examination of major issues a business encounters regarding accounting, finance, manufacturing and materials management, and human resources management when doing business internationally. Topics include political economy, producer and consumer markets, as well as foreign direct investment.

  • To the right, view the transcript of a research presentation regarding the specific market for tobacco products in China. The presentation demonstrated my skills and abilities in use of software and formatting as well as oration.
MNGT 225