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To be honest, there was a little bit boring in recent weekends. I didn’t do anything very special that can let me write something in my journal. But I was seeing a lot of English movies to improve my pronunciation, which gave me many information about American history. This is very helpful to let me understand how the United States developed so far.Obviously, university students always spend their whole time on study, they have to live their lives with their parents and teachers’ hope, ignoring the importance of attending other social activities. However, in my opinion, students, especially university students, should pay more attention to other activities besides their university course, such as being volunteer, doing charity work, helping the olds and so on. There is no doubt that university students who have studied for almost 12 years have raised large amounts of knowledge but little experience of doing social work. In the very beginning of being a university student, it is difficult to arrange leisure time properly because almost every freshman lack the ability of self-discipline as soon as leaving their parents to be an independent adult. The fear that once university lost the balance of study and free time it would soon pass beyond their ability to fix it.

Personally speaking, I think I am better than other students to be an independent adult and have more experience to live in a new environment. When I was a child, I was starting to live in my school. I returned home once a week on weekend. That was not only my home far away from the school, but also my parents were working hard that no times to took care of me in normal times. So I was used to be independent a long time even sometimes I was crying in my bed at night when I was a child. Because no one saw it, everybody were sleeping. After I went to a junior high school, my father decided to have a pedestrianism with me. We started at the side of Tianshan Mountain to other side in Sinkiang, China. That hiking almost spent us three days and two nights. For me, this kind of travel impressed me a lot and gave me lots of experiences that how to survive outside. I was so exciting when we started to build our tent. But the food was totally out of my expectation, and I was missing my bed when we had a rest. Of course, my physical strength is not good enough than my father or his friends. So my father rent a horse for me, which also made them become much more comfortable. Because they didn’t have any baggage when he was walking; everything put on horse. How lucky he is when he had a travel with me!

As we all know, the midterm examination is around the corner and can be very stressful. In order that we can do well in the exam, I think the following tips will be much helpful. First of all, it is important to get a good night’s sleep before the exam, and eat a healthy breakfast on that day. Getting enough sleep will make you concentrate on your exam. Secondly, try to avoid nervousness and panic. It also makes sense to believe yourself that you have gained the knowledge and everything in your head which you can use it very convenience. Last but not least, I think we should take a right attitude to the exam, and try our best to do what we can do in the exam.

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