I went to see the play Glass Menagerie last week, and I liked it. The main reason is that the play showed to the audience that every character in the show was complex, and they all had conflicts, or difficulties in their life, which made the whole play interesting and rich. My favorite part was that when Tom and his mother were so concerned about Laura since she was cripple and she had no callers, and then Tom brought his friend home. This scene showed how Laura was looking forward to being loved. In the middle part of the show, the gentleman caller had a long conversation with Laura, and the atmosphere was so warm and sweet, making audience feel romantic, and then he told Laura that he was engaged, and the reaction of Laura was just on point. This plot twist made this whole play more miserable.

By watching this play, I have learned a lot in terms of acting. The most impressive one was that every actor and actress were so involved. When I am actually acting, I can’t be 100 percent involved because I cannot ignore the truth that I am acting. While watching the Glass Menagerie, I felt like the actors and actresses totally ignore that they were performing; however, they were imagining that they were actually the characters in the scene, they were in that miserable family with a lot of crisis happening. I’ve learned that as long as being involved during acting, the performance would be much better. Also, they noticed a lot of details, which made this play more real. For example, the door of their house was imaginary, but every time they got through the door, they did the action of opening and closing the door, and once they left the door open to get some fresh air, they didn’t do the opening and closing action. This may or may not be noticed by audience, but it did make the play more realistic. This is a good point to add into my own performance.

Also, I admire the efforts they made to this play. It is a two-and-half hour play, and they remembered all the lines, and spoke them out like they were actually having a real conversation. I just did the play of shape of things, and I know how hard it is to remember lines and say it naturally. In my performance, I can remember all the lines, but I just say them with emotion, or in another expression, I don’t quite understand the emotion among the lines. Understanding the lines is of vital importance for a play, because it is about what information and context casts want to deliver to audience. The Glass Menagerie is a very emotional play, and it contains sadness, happiness, madness, and hopelessness. I felt these because the actors and actress delivered them to me, and I had the same feeling as characters as the play went on, and I think that is the most important part of a play: to let audience feel the feelings that the characters feel.

However, there was a part of the play that I didn’t like. The gentleman caller seemed too nervous. He was supposed to be an alpha male since he was very popular in high school, and he had high expectation for his own life. I didn’t feel much confidence from him during the show. Especially, I felt Tom was more like an alpha male than him. When they two stood together, Tom totally got my attention. I think there is more improvement in this part.Overall, this is the first live play I have seen, and it was pretty good. I liked it, and I was following the emotion and information among the play. And it also helped me to think about how to act.

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