When we travelling to San Francisco, we spent too much time on our transportation like a whole day which made me very uncomfortable. Fortunately I brought a book with me which called “Pride and Prejudice”. Before we prepared to board or waited something, I always read this book to spend my time. I like to read this book. As a famous novel, “Pride and Prejudice” establishes models for many people. Such as “a man should have high-paying job, well-educated and good looking”, and woman should be “elegant and beautiful”. It also shows different types of marriages that exist at that time, such as Mr. and Mrs. Bennet’s “busy but happy marriage”; Elizabeth’s friend, Charlotte’s material marriage; and the main characters, Elizabeth and Darcy’s “marriage after compromise”.

“Pride and Prejudice” is a novel of manners by Jane Austen. One of the themes of this novel is the marriage in that age. However, since marriage is the topic that has been talked for so many times. The author mainly focused on different types of marriages that each character gets. For example, Mr. and Mrs. Bennet have a “busy but happy marriage”; Elizabeth’s friend, Charlotte, gets a material marriage; and what Elizabeth and Darcy finally get is a marriage after “compromise”.

First let’s talk about Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. Although we have no idea what they have been through together. But no matter what they had been through, it’s all the past, and the fact is that they are still together. And life, or marriage to them have become a custom. Mr. Bennet is get used to that his wife arrange everything, including their daughters’ marriage. So the question is “Are they happy?” I believe the answer is “yes”. They spent most of their lives together, and they have 5 daughters, a place of their own, and a busy but happy life. Mrs. Bennet is one of those people who are interested in everything, and always nagging. On the other hand, Mr. Bennet is always quiet and like stay away from the trivia of the family. Their marriage is the example of the combination of 2 opposite personalities. And it is these 2 people who spent decades together. Maybe they used to argue, ignore each other, curse or even curse at each other. But they are still together after all these years. This is the true simplest happiness.

We can tell that what Mr. and Mrs. Bennet have is the most common and peaceful type of marriage. Now let’s take a look at Elizabeth’s friend, Charlotte, and see what kind of marriage she finally gets. Charlotte chooses to marry for material life instead of marry for love. In today’s world, this kind of choice is always being contempt and criticized by the general public. But I believe that in this case, Charlotte makes a smart choice. It’s not the same as she is smart in the intelligent way, but she knows what she wants and she keeps perusing it, and finally she gets what she want. We can still call this a “happy marriage” in some way. But there is a cost of this happiness.

This is a very nice and long book that I can’t use only two pages to talk about everything made me think deeply. I will still talk about this next time because this gave me lots of things that can help my life.

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