Where Am I Wearing?

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Common Reading Essay

Reading Kelsey Timmerman’s, “Where am I Wearing?” I come to realize that the clothes I wear, I should appreciate more. Reading this book I have realized that it doesn’t matter what I wear someone somewhere went through the trouble to make me these clothes that I wear everyday and I treat like trash because I’m done wearing them for the day. Speaking on a larger scale mistreating someone’s hard work such as clothes and an iPhone; there should be no difference just because they are a different price. We judge the quality of things with the amount of money that we bought it for. You don’t see someone throwing there iPhone around after they made a call but after someone has worn a shirt that was handmade they throw it in a bin. I can relate to some people as I myself have thrown my clothes around aimlessly after wearing them. I need to treat them as well as I would treat my phone that may be hundreds of dollars more but were both designed by people. I don’t have many clothes but I have enough that I don’t treat them with care I could give up a couple shirts and maybe one or two pairs of pants. After reading this book I realize that clothes are, or at least should be as valuable as expensive products such as an iPhone. If I were to visit some of these countries Kelsey did and meet some of the workers that he did, I would thank them from the bottom of my heart. Since I am a rower and have been for the past couple of years going out with friends wasn’t much of an option especially when my grades weren’t on par. Being on the rowing team I really can’t wear jeans or anything. So I mostly wore spandex and maybe a shirt. These shirts however were shirts from races I went to, as far as Canada. I never toke the time to even check where the shirts even came from, in fact sometimes I would even rip the tags off because they would irritate me. My perspective of clothes factories probably isn’t up to date however; I know it’s more strenuous than being a busboy at your local restaurant. Someone has to make our clothes, someone has to go through the trouble to design them, and I don’t even have the common courtesy to go out and buy decent clothes that someone else has worked on. The general community should learn from this book and reflect on the fact that someone made all the clothes that they are wearing.

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