United States and Syria

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I don’t know where I stand on this. I believe that violence isn’t the answer to anything. However we may need to retaliate. I’m not to informed on the subject however I believe that violence only leads to more violence. It will will just be constant conflict and it doesn’t stop and I don’t think I will be alive when/if us two countries even come to an agreement for whatever it is. We constantly have wars over meaningless things. I am speaking on an atheistic point of view, I believe that a war over religion is a waste of resources and men. Countless people die over another’s opinion. We both think that if we fight we’ll eventually come to a resolution or an ending, but I think that this ending that we fight for isn’t even that great. Sure we get to see the family members that were fighting in the war, but what about those who find out that there father or brother or uncle died in the war. They weep and sob over their lost one where as others are happy and rejoicing that their loved one returned with or without battle scars. As per what I said before, “Was it really worth it?”

Cameron Johnson


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