The NEW iPhone 6?!

Posted by Cameron Johnson on Oct 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

In think that the iPhone 5S is a complete waste of money if you already have the iPhone 5. To me it doesn’t matter if a phone is milliseconds faster the the last one. The 5C, I think was a great idea. Besides it being plastic which is a down side. It costs at least 100-200 dollars less than the iPhone 5S. People seem to forget that the 5C is an iPhone 5 and its really cheap.  I have heard a lot of rumors around the iPhones, such as a holographic screen or a hologram keyboard. To me the iPhone can be better if they allow flash player on the iPhone and maybe even out the screen a little. I feel that the phone is to tall and not wide enough. I have a Sony Xperia Z which has a quad core and can run flash. Its like a phone/tablet. It can run things almost as fast as my computer. This phone is so much more powerful than any other phone I had, and Andriod doesn’t keep updating their firmware. Apple keeps releasing new iOS like every 6 months. I haven’t gotten an update for android yet.

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