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My favorite online store would probably be Amazon. This is mostly because I haven’t used many others. To me Amazon is the virtual version of a mall. Anything you could possibly want can be found on Amazon. It even competes with eBay in that you can auction off products on their website. The only thing Amazon is missing is whole foods that can be delivered within hours. I have found myself purchasing products from Amazon more and more over the years and have yet to complain about anything. Amazon’s previous business model were books. Amazon started out selling books to the public. Later in the years as our generation went through a technological advancement stage, Amazon released one of the most popular tablets the kindle. The kindle not only features the Android system but was originally an eBook platform. eBook, if not Amazon somewhere else, started with Amazon. It eliminates the need to store your hundred of books in whatever location where as you can now store hundreds of books on one device and its easy to find them. I don’t believe there is another store that rivals with Amazon. Amazon even provides people with special offers so that the word will spread and they will get more customers.


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The movie was good in my opinion. I wasn’t here for the first part so I cant say much. I think it waas a good story but I feel that Mark’s story shouldn’t be movie worthy. I have a connection to the movie because my name is Cameron and I row in college much the Cameron in the movie. I feel bad for Eduardo for getting “screwed” like that. Imagine how much money Eduardo would have now if things didn’t go wrong for him. I like how in the movie Marl had everything under his control whether it be direct or indirect, he used Shane to his advantage and gave him what he deserved in the long run. Movie Review 8/10

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