Body ShotFirst I want to say thank you for visinting my website and taking a look at my electronic portfolio. On this ePortfolio you will find pages concerning my achivements in college thus far, a downloadable link to my resume and cover letter, some of my previous success concerning sports, and a nice photo gallery of my fun times in high school in on college. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Cameron Barrett Johnson. I am a student at Marietta College in Marietta, Ohio. I am majoring in Information Systems and hope to minor in another field that interests me. As a sport I participate in the rowing team for Marietta. Most of my day is spent working out and studying. I have found great use of the Academic Resource Center, where I complete most of my work as it is a quiet place to work. Most of my work entails Computer Programming, which is taught by Professor Robert Van Camp; an excellent computer programming teacher who focuses on making sure his students are comfortable understanding programming. We have worked with Python thus far. Ia m enjoying my time at Marietta College as is much different from high school. I graduated from Central Catholic High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in May of 2013. At Central I have learned the true meaning of the word brotherhood and have made some great friends. Friends from class and friends from rowing or crew. The teaching staff at Central Catholic has molded me into a man that has his own voice of opinion and ideals, such that I will hear out to others opinions but won’t immediately shut them down and will hear to their opinion before I give my argument. I hope I can continue my success throughout my time at Marietta College.

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