College Work Samples

During my time at Marietta College so far I have done many projects and programs using my computer for certain classes. Most of my work comes from my Computer Programming and the rest from my Information Systems ¬†class my first semester, computer programming is ¬†taught by Professor Robert Van Camp while the ladder is taught by my academic adviser Professor Jeremy Wang. Professor Wang has had my classmates from last semester get a feel of using wordpress by making us set up a blogging site. I already had a sense of how this ePortfolio was going to be designed. This link will lead to my current blog: My Blog. This is just a taste of my skills. In Programming we have progressed at an advanced rate. There are links to downloadable files below. They are python files which are basically programs which can be run throughout Python a compiling application. Some programs include a music player which I made this year using an extension called Pygame. We haven’t touched many other languages yet however this course is mainly focused on Python. We have just recently started talking about Java and C++ other programming languages. Python just happens to be the easiest to understand and easiest to code in. Personally I prefer to code in Java because in a way that is my native language. I have also written made websites in HTML: My Website.

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