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11889624_10152996808003038_5026381630701729775_nHi, my name is Connor Golden. I am a Finance major searching for an internship to parlay into a steady, long standing career. I am a member of the baseball team and am a student leader for CRU-MC, a campus Christian ministry organization. I have been involved in community service, and have maintained a steady grade point average while balancing athletic and other extracurricular involvement. There is a certain expectation at Marietta College, both on the field and on the classroom. Students are expected to perform well in the classroom, given the rigorous course work. Athletes are expected to work hard, compete, and give themselves the greatest chance of succeeding. Not only meeting the expectations, but exceeding them, is my goal. The values and skills I have gained will serve me well in the work force upon completion of my masters degree. In today’s world, making connections and building networks is an important facet of building credibility and advancing in the workplace. I have been working towards this by finding internships and volunteering in the community.

During the summer after my sophomore year, I held three different jobs to help offset the cost of personal and college expenses. Not only did I bring in a considerable income given the time allotted, but I extended my personal job scope and job depth.

I implore you to read further into my page.

Thank you! Feel free to ask any questions!