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College Courses Completed (Description)

Course Description
Accounting 201 Managerial accounting course focusing on spreadsheets for various compenents of financial statements
Accounting 202 Financial accounting course to be completed in the summer of 2016
Chemistry 131 Introductory chemistry course taken for general education requirements
Chemistry 133 Complementary laboratory of the previous course
Communications 101 Introductory course on the various components of communicating
Economics 211 Introductory microeconomics course focusing on graph shifts based on outside forces
Economics 212 Introductory macroeconomics course focusing on graph shifts from a holistic perspective
Economics 350 Enviromental economic course with a microeconomic approach to various changes in the environment
Management 301 Principles of management course focusing on the inner workings of management at various levels of an organization
Management Information Systems 220 Introductory information systems course focusing on the inner workings of computer management systems
Mass Media 101 Introductory course showing the history of mass media in the world
Mass Media 225 Introductory public relations course focusing on the crisis management side of PR
Mass Media 230 Introductory advertising course focusing on the principles of advertising through traditional and non tradition media fronts
Physical Education 223* Baseball credit first year
Physical Education 273* Baseball credit second year
Psychology 101 Introductory course in pyschology covering a wide variety of topics in the practice
Religion 111 History course of Christianity in a global context
Sport Management 280 Introductory course giving a broad overview of the practices in sport and facility managements
Spanish 301 Fully conversational spanish course focusing on the history and art of the spanish speaking nations
Writing 110 Introductory writing course focusing on formal paper writing for college
Writing 305 Business writing course focusing on proper formating for various business correspondence

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