cunningham_danicaDanica Cunningham is the name that most people call me, and the same name I typically respond to.  I am a senior at Marietta College pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Communication/Public Relations with minors in Marketing and Political Science and all rounded off with a certificate in Leadership Studies.  My home town is in almost heaven, West Virginia.

My four years at college are rapidly drawing to a close.  I have learned so much during my time at college, both in and out of the classroom.  Through my involvement in extracurricular activities, I have done a great deal of self-discovery and now possess a much more realistic picture of myself and my strengths and weaknesses.  I have held leadership positions in Greek life, student government, and service organizations on campus.  I am prepared to enter the workforce and continue learning and contributing to my community.

My passion in life is people.  I am the textbook definition of an extrovert and a people person.  I love talking to people and gaining a deeper understanding of the world we live in by sharing other people’s worldviews. I believe in the principle of hard work.  I believe in creativity and originality.  I believe in not simply accepting the status quo and being able to break the mold.  I believe in the healing power of laughter.  The glass is half full.  Luck is something you make for yourself.  I believe in sunshine, sweet tea, and rainbow sprinkles.  I believ e in myself.

Even as a little kid, I have always possessed a strong passion for living life.

Even as a little kid, I have always possessed a strong passion for living life.

A career in social media marketing is my dream, and a career dealing with marketing communications or public relations would make me one happy camper! My ePortfolio only contains a small amount of information concerning who I am and where I have been.  I do hope, however, that it will serve as a starting point to gain more information about myself.  Feel free to contact me for additional information/good jokes/fashion advice/music recommendations.