Work Samples

These are some of my work samples from a variety of experiences.  All of the videos were edited using Final Cut Pro.  Audio samples were made using Adobe Audition or Garage Band.  The work shown here is only a fraction of the work I have done through internships, volunteer work, and academic classes.  For additional examples of my work, feel free to contact me.

Waycross Sports Promo

YouTube Preview Image

This sports montage was created in December, 2007 for Waycross Community Media as part of my internship. It is the opening sequence of every sporting event Waycross covers. All of the video files came from their archive of sporting events. This video won the Philo T. Farnsworth award for promotional video :60 or less in 2008.

Government Access Promo

YouTube Preview Image

I produced this video to promote the Waycross Government Access television channel.

Joe Biden Clip

YouTube Preview Image

On my own initiative I covered the appearance of Joe Biden in Marietta during the 2008 Presidential campaign. The segment I produced ran on the college’s TV Channel throughout the week. It was an opportunity to put all my production and organizational skills to the test. I had to overcome many technical challenges including patching into the house audio feed.

Audio Production Samples

:30 Marietta College PSA

Halloween Event PSA

Organ Donation PSA

These samples are were all produced for the Marietta College Radio stations through coursework or as part of my duties as station manager.  The :30 Marietta College PSA also aired on a local AM station, WMOA, as part of the college’s effort to promote the school.

Writing Samples

Concert Review Newspaper Article

Profile Newspaper Article

Outdoor “Struggles” Article

These are all articles written as part of my coursework for my major.  I submitted the profile article for publication in the school’s newspaper, The Marcolian.  The liberal arts education at Marietta College has given me the skills to understand many subject areas including fine arts, sciences, and social sciences.

Posted on October 17th, 2010 by David Hood