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College Experiences

soccer For my e-portfolio I would like to talk about some of my College experiences and some of the valuable lessons I have learn at College thus far.

In College I have learned that time management is one of the most important qualities to possess. I have learned that if you do not time manage correctly you could find yourself waking up early in the morning to do the assignment you forgot about the night before. I did not realize the study hall that I had in high school was a gift, not a punishment. I wish more then anything that there was a study hall that I had to attend everyday. I have found that I need a planner in college, which is something that I never had in high school. Having all of my assignments written out in front of me really helps me to visualize when I need to have certain assignments completed by in order to fit all of the stuff i need to fit in my day in a time efficient way.

From being on the Women’s soccer team at Marietta College I have learned that people who were once total strangers, you now call them your “family”. I have realized that the importance of friendship is what gets me through the days. Knowing that when I go to practice there will be twenty other girls there waiting to hear any news I have is very comforting and something that i will cherish my whole life. Soccer has also taught me the importance of self-responsibility. It is crucial that you go to practice ready to go and ready to work. There is no off days in Soccer where you can just slack off just because you do not feel like giving it your all, and that is the same way I feel about a job. I feel that you cannot just not go to work because you do not feel like it, just like in Soccer there are people that are counting on you to do your job correctly in order for them to do their job correctly.

From living on campus I have learned that you and not always judge a book by its cover. When I was in high school I feel that I was sheltered by my family, and I lived in a decent city so I never had to encounter those who did not look the same way as me or talk in the same language that I spoke in and when I came to college I found that there is a big world which I didn’t know about. From being at College I have learned that you have to give someone every opportunity to do good things, it is not acceptable to automatically assume the worse in someone. Also I learned that unfortunately some people are like that and do have that mind set. And that one has to deal with these situations in the best way possible to get the most out of living in a diverse environment such as a college campus.