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Work Examples

On this Page of my E-Portfolio I have put together a collection of essays and case studies that I have completed since studying at Marietta College. Hopefully from looking at my works, you can see my stregths and see the variety of work I have done.

Work Samples Description Downloadable Files
MIS 220 Case Study: Mobil Devices In this assignment I looked at the different products from three companies, Apple, Blackberry and Android. In this assignment I also looked at www.Salesforce.com. With this research the task was to differentiate all of the business helping tools that each company offered to any business. Downloadable Sample File
MIS 220 Case Study: www.iAppleFan.com In this case study the task was to examine the website iApplefan.com and come up with solutions to market that website as well as add interesting features to the website which would make iApplefan.com more popular and used. Downloadable Sample File
Writing Research Paper This is a essay that was written in my Writing 101 class my freshman year of college. The assignment was to take the children’s book “Dinotopia” and relate the enjoyable children’s story to the serious problems facing the world in the present. this essay is my interpretation of the book looking at the outside world from of the the dinosaurs in the story. Downloadable Sample File
Political Science 330: Current Greek Debt This is an essay that I wrote while in a political science class that was focused on the important role that the world economy plays in the realm of politics. This essay is an interpretation of the Greek economic crisis of 2011. Downloadable Sample File

I hope from looking at my works you can see that I have a versatile style of writing, and that i have strengths that your company is looking for.