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My family and I (me in the middle)

My family and I (me in the middle)

My name is Devin Wysni. I am an Information Systems major with a Graphic Design minor. I attend Marietta College and will graduate in 2016. I am currently looking for internships and any other opportunities for experience in my field. I am a former softball player. Sports were always a big part of my life and taught me many important things such as teamwork and dedication.

I have always been interested in computers. I was exposed to them all my life. When I was in the 7th grade my childhood best friend and I decided to take a Photoshop and Flash class in the summer at Duquesne University. We were the youngest in the class. I learned a lot from taking that class, including how much I enjoyed graphic design. The last week of that class we had to present a project using both programs. It was my first time creating something on my own that I drew and that moved across the screen. I drew a bird in Photoshop with about 5 different hats on and made it fly across the screen using Flash. That is where I found my interest in Graphic Design.

As for Information Systems, I knew I loved computers and was an undecided major so I gave it a shot. The first few classes I took for IS interested me and came much easier to me than I expected. I’m really happy that I found a major that I enjoy and am excited about.

You can view some of the courses I have taken pertaining to my Major and Minor under the Courses Taken tab, along with a few other pages. Go check them out!

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