Courses Taken : Devin Wysni

Courses Taken



CSCI110 Use of computer software tools to aid in business analysis. Course begins with an overview of spreadsheet applications, macros, programming language, and various modeling tools.

CSCI115 Introduced analysis, design, implementation, and debugging of well-structured computer programs. Learn about primitive commands, basic data types, control structures, scope, functions, parameters, arrays, records and classes.

CSCI116 Emphasized top-down design, modularity, recursion, dynamic variables, and data structures such as trees, stacks, and queues.

MIS220 It introduces the student to the people, technology, procedures, and controls that together: maintain essential channels of communication; process and control routine business activities; alert management and others to significant internal and external business events; and assist in strategic business decision-making.

MNGT301 General survey of management concepts, covering major functions of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.