Courses Taken

Course Description Year Taken Gen Ed/Major/Minor /Currently Enrolled
WRIT 110- College Composition 14/FL Gen Ed
COMM 101- Fund of Oral Communications 15/SP Gen Ed
HIST 120- Ancient World Civilizations 15/SP Gen Ed
GEOL 101- Environmental Geology 15/SP Gen Ed
GEOL 199- Nature’s Fury 14/FL Gen Ed
PSYCH 101- Intro to psychology 15/FL Gen Ed
ECON 212- Principles of Macroeconomics 14/FL Major
POLS 103- American National Government 14/FL Gen Ed
MATH 123- Practical Statistics 14/FL Major
LEAD 305- Business Ethics 15/FL Major
MUSC 101- Intro to Western Music 16/SP Gen Ed
POLS 130- International Politics 16/SP Currently Enrolled
ACCT 201- Managerial Accounting 15/SP Major
ECON 211- Principles of Microeconomics 16/SP Major and Currently Enrolled
MIS 220- Management Information Systems
16/SP Major and Currently Enrolled
ACCT 202- Financial Accounting 15/FL Major
MNGT 360- Production and Operations Management 15/FL Major
BIO 101- Modern Biology 15/FL Gen Ed
LEAD 111-Fundamentals of American Leadership 16/SP Gen Ed and Currently Enrolled