Sports have and always will be a huge part of my life.  I started playing everything from soccer, to football, to tennis, and basketball at a very young age.  The enjoyment that I find in sports is hard to find doing anything else and that is why I am so interested in them.  Nowadays I play college basketball, so that is the only sport I play seriously.  College basketball is a tremendous opportunity for me and I have already learned so much about the game and about life through playing.  However, I do not limit myself to just basketball.  Even though it is the only sport I play seriously, I still find myself participating in other sports constantly.

Outside of sports, my next biggest interest is the outdoors.  When I am back home I enjoy riding four-wheelers and dirtbikes, shooting guns, swimming, and adventuring outdoors.  Any time it is nice outside I always try to find a way to utilize it.  In addition to the outdoors, I love social gatherings with my friends.  Whether it be going to each others houses, going out on the town, going to events like concerts, or playing sports together, being in the company of my family and friends always makes for a good day.