Sample Works

Here are some of the works that I have completed thus far at Marietta College.  Granted I am only a Sophomore so these do not display my full capabilities due to the fact that I am still finishing my general education requirements and diving deeper into my major courses.

Sample Description File Download
Management Information Systems(MIS 220) Penny Auction Site Case Study In this case study I examined the penny auction site  I used my experience with the site to then apply it to the business models and theories that we discussed in class.  The Business models and technologies behind sites like this one directly translate to my major. Case Study 3
International Politics (POLS 130) Writing Assignment 4 This writing assignment required me to look at states and how human rights issues develop within them.  While this class does not fall within my major, it has helped me expand my horizons and become a more well-rounded student. Writing Assignment 4
Financial Accounting (ACCT 202) Microsoft Excel Company Finances Project One of my favorite and most useful projects so far at Marietta. My teammates and I had to chose a company, Netflix, and examine their financial reports.  We used these reports to make graphs of our own, track their progress, and compare their performance to other companies. Netflix Financial Reports Project

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