Sample Work

Here are some samples of my work from my freshman year courses:

Course Description Assignment File
Management Information Systems 220 This was the first case study assignment in the class covering running business from the palm of your hand. This assignment discusses how businesses are converting to hands on portable technology devices that make it easier to run businesses. It also makes businesses easier to run from afar. This case study helped me relate my personal experiences to current situations in the business world as well as help connect the information to other reliable sources. MIS Case Study 1
Leadership 101 This was a New York Times Critical Thinking Assignment on ethical leadership in society. It helped me relate leadership in current society to how leaders use morals or not in their decisions. It helped me reflect on how I can be an ethical leader society. The essay includes a summary of the article from the New York Times as well as reflecting on the quality of information and evidence provided. Then an analysis of the leadership styles in the article and how they relate to the objectives covered in the class. NYT Critical Thinking 2
Design Appreciation 162 This was an essay with the objective of providing a convincing argument on why William Morris should be considered a design pioneer. The essay includes a biography on his life, reasons why he should be a design pioneer, and contemporary examples. I used pictures as well as many sources to back my argument. Design Pioneer Essay