Posted on 02-09-2015
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Information technology changed my life with the mobile phone. Back in the old days, people would communicate to each other by face to face. As technology has grown, the mobile phone grew in size. Now people can talk to others from another country and be able to hear what they are saying. When I was little, i remember having at least two phones in the house and they were not wireless. When my mom wanted to call her Aunt for Texas she would have to stay in one spot and not move. The mobile phone has helped me when there would be a storm outside and the lights went out. I used my phone as a flashlight. The mobile phone has also helped me when i would get lost going someplace and I would use the Maps app to help me get home or somewhere. Another example why the mobile phone changed my life, it has helped me be able to listen to books because I am a slow reader. In a couple of weeks, the Iphone 6c comes out. Even though I do not see the difference in them, but one is a little bit bigger than the other and one is colored than the other one is not.

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