Posted on 16-10-2015
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What is a virtual world? It is a massive online world is a computer based simulated environment populated by many users who can create a personal avatar to explore and participate in its activities and communicate with others. Only virtual world that I have heard of was Sims. My cousin and I would play on it when we were little. I did not really like it, but it was fun to make your own world. I thought Sims was the only virtual world game, until my Information Technology professor introduce Second to us one day in class. It seemed really familiar. Virtual worlds will change the future. How? Second life can already show you some college campuses. Second life can also show you a conference room where there are people having a meeting. I believe the future of the virtual world would be that students that want to go to visit a college and will not be able to fit it into their schedule, they will be able to go on tour by using a virtual world of that college. Another way the future of the virtual world would be useful for a business meeting. Those are some ways that the future of virtual world will change or get better.

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