Posted on 05-11-2015
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The most important question other than if Edward Snowden is a hero or traitor is do you trust the government? I think Edward Snowden is a traitor and a hero. He showed everyone secrets on what the United States government. He is a traitor because he showed the most important secrets that we have to the terrorists and the other bad people in the world. In the article, Dana Milbank said that the United States government should blame itself. I think this lady is wrong. Being an American citizens, you should not blame your own government. No matter how screwed up it is. Edward Snowden is a horrible person. He basicly massed up his whole entire life because he is either going to jail or is going to have a book written after him. I do not always trust our government on what we should do in certain situations and what we should not do in other situation. Just because you do not trust the government does not mean you should leak out all the top secrets of your own government. If it is from a different country maybe, but why would you do it to the country where you were born and raised. In conclusion, Edward Snowden is a traitor and that is my final answer.

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