"experience is simply the name we give our mistakes"

"experience is simply the name we give our mistakes"

My name is Garrett Stephenson and I am an Information Systems major at Marietta College (class of 2015). I am currently on the Men’s basketball team and I participate in community activities around campus such as: Community day, St. Baldrick’s Foundation cure for childhood cancer, and athlete auction. I have been very active my whole life participating in many sports throughout high school and community events. Upon graduating from Milton-Union High School in 2011, Marietta caught my eye with their outstanding academic excellence as well as my recruitment through basketball. Thus far it has become the experience of my life and I still have two more years!

Along with basketball, computers are something I love being around. As a kid I would always be trying to figure out how computers worked. Tearing them apart was something I enjoyed solely because I would learn something new each time.

Once I have completed my Information Systems degree I plan on finding a career with the U.S. Military. I’m not really sure what branch yet, but I feel like giving back to my country in any way possible. The only way that I know how to do that is using my skills in Information Systems to aid my country.

In my ePortfolio, you will find my resume in an organized format for ease of reading, some sample works that I have done for classes, the courses I have taken up until present day, and some background information on my basketball career throughout my whole life.

Thank you! Please feel free to explore the rest of my ePortfolio!