Basketball Interest


MC Men's Basketball Team

As a child I was never all that interested in basketball. Everyone kept telling me I should play solely on the fact that I was tall. I never really listened until I was in the sixth grade. I decided to give it a shot. The worst that could happen was I didn’t like it and would stop playing. So, I go to tryouts and was surprised at how much fun it was. I started learning very quickly and by the eight grade I became the best player on the team.

Now, it was time for me to go to high school and start playing with the bigger guys. It was tough at first to get used to the¬†physicality and pace of the game. It wasn’t until late into my sophomore year that I started to become a good player. Following the season of my sophomore year during the summer I played AAU basketball (summer league basketball for advanced players). That is when I really improved my game because I was playing against tougher opponents.

So, I am moving into my junior year feeling very confident in my abilities on the court. It showed as I received first-team all SWBL,¬†first-team all district 9, and the leading scorer, rebounder, and shot blocker on my team. I was so excited moving into my senior year with these awards. Along with all of this, I was starting to get some serious recruiting looks such as: Penn State, Ball State, Davenport, and Urbana. Obviously I didn’t go to these places, but the fact they were recruiting me was enough excitement for a high school junior.

OAC Championship

OAC Championship

With my confidence at an all time high I move into my senior year ready to take on anyone that stands in my way. I receive all the same rewards from my junior year along with: district 9 MVP and second-team all-Ohio. I had received a couple scholarships from small division II schools, but they weren’t comparable to Marietta. So, I come to Marietta and now I am a sophomore now, getting heavy minutes going into my junior year with an OAC Championship and NCAA Tournament appearance under my belt. I am ready to take on anyone that stands in my way!