GageMy name is Gage Freeman and welcome to my ePortfolio. I am currently a senior at Marietta College and will be graduating in the spring. I am majoring in Broadcasting and minoring in Sports Management.  I am currently on the Cross Country and Track team here at the college.  I have competed in athletics for the majority of my life and have ran cross country and track since high school.

I was born on September 1, 1992 in Marietta, Ohio and have lived in the area all my life.  I grew up, and still reside, in Cutler, Ohio, a small town about 30 minutes outside of Marietta.  I went to Cutler Elementary for grades K-3, Bartlett Elementary for grades 4th-8th, and then attended Warren High School.  At Warren I participated in athletics all four years receiving 7 total letters (4 for cross country and 3 for track).  In high school academics were important to me, as they still are today, and I graduated in the top 10 percent of my class with a cumulative GPA of around 3.9 or so in June of 2011.  I scored a 28 on my ACT and also a 4 out of 5 on my AP English exam my junior year.  I applied to and was accepted to Marietta College in the fall of my senior year.

I enrolled at Marietta College for my freshman year in the fall of 2011.  I feel that my transition to college from high school was relatively easy and smooth.  It did help being from the area and that both my parents work at the college.  My dad is a petroleum engineering professor and my mom is a geology professor.  Academics remain just as important, if not more important, to me  in college.  Throughout my time here I have maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.80, as of this semester.  I have been named to either the Dean’s List or High Dean’s list every semester.   On campus I am a part of several organizations and have been selected for a few honorary societies as well.  I have also won two awards in my time on campus.  I run cross country and track for the college as well.

I have had valuable experiences that have allowed me to gain experience in my future career field and also expanded my knowledge.  In the fall semester of my freshman year and the spring of my sophomore year I hosted an one hour radio shift on the school’s radio station.  During my sophomore year the station began using Simian for the radio and I learned how to voice track and use Simian.  During my years here at the college I have been apart of the college’s news station.  I have worked behind the scenes directing, technical directing, producing, running the audio board, camera, and teleprompter and as a writer.  I have also been on-air talent as anchor, co-anchor, entertainment reporter, sports reporter, and weatherman.  I have held several positions in the news organization as well.  During my sophomore year I became the Special Features Producer, my junior year I was the Sports Director and then this year I became the Station Manager.

When it comes to professional experience in the broadcasting field this past summer I was the sports intern at WTAP, a NBC affiliate located in Parkersburg, West Virginia.  At this internship I filmed several live sporting events, edited highlights, transcribed interviews, built full-screens, shot b-roll, assisted with live shots and went with reporters on assignments to help them out.  I was able to conduct an interview with Akron University’s Head Football Coach Terry Bowden as part of the internship.  Other experience I have in this  field includes doing play-by-play and commentating for numerous sporting events here at Marietta College.  I was able to parlay this experience into a part-time job with Clear Channel Radio out of Parkersburg and help call a few local high school games.  Lastly, I have produced and directed numerous pieces of work in my time here from interviews, to packages, to full length programs.

In the sports management field I had an internship under the Athletic Director at Marietta College in the summer of 2013 and one with Southern Ohio Copperheads baseball team during the summer of 2012.  In my internship with the athletic director I helped develop and design a marketing proposal and did several other tasks.  At the internship with the Copperheads I worked multiple positions such as usher, tickets, mascot, set up, etc.   Also, during these summers I worked the OAC Conference and NCAA DIII baseball tournaments in Marietta as a member of the grounds crew.  I also shared the responsibility of putting together a lunch for the teams playing at the regional tournament in 2012.


Running at the Ohio Athletic Conference Indoor Championship during the winter of my freshman year.

After graduation my goal is to one day work for a large television station doing play-by-play, commentating, or as a sports anchor.  Doing play-by-play is my main goal as it would allow me to watch many sporting events, experience them, and to continue to be involved in sports.  As an anchor I would greatly enjoy hosting sports talk shows and being on a sports highlight show, such as SportsCenter.  Sports are something that I love and if my career involves covering them and being a part of them  I know I’ll never dread going to work.  As the popular saying goes “find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

I would like to thank you  for visiting my ePortfolio and encourage you to look around at my Resume, a list of Courses I have taken, some Work Samples of mine, Awards I have received, Organizations I am a part of here at Marietta, and some Volunteering I have done.  If you would like to contact me directly click on the link Email or contact me by phone at (740) 706-1982.

Thank you again,

Gage Freeman

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