13083151_10154231785598274_7533432113584655651_n Welcome! My name is Gabrielle Simmons. I am a self-proclaimed “go-getter” with too much ambition for my own good. I will be starting my senior year of college in the  fall of 2016. I will be graduating a year early from the Marietta College Psychology program with a focus in Industrial Organizational Psychology and with minors in  both Management and Entrepreneurship. Upon graduation, I  hope to attend graduate school to pursue my Masters in IO Psychology and eventually start my own  business consulting firm.

During my undergraduate career, I filled my time with numerous extracurricular activities such as: being the treasurer for the Psychology Club, being a part of the  Chi Omega Chi Gamma sorority. presenting as a speaker for the sexual assault prevention awareness club, and serving as a bible study leader for the InterVarsity  Christian Fellowship. Additionally, I worked as an office assistant for the psychology department and completed three internships with local non-profit organizations including Marietta in Bloom, Firefly: A Spark of Hope, and Building Bridges to Careers. I also contributed to several psychological studies conducted at the college such as The Influence of Physical Appearance on Perceptions of Gendered Traits and Perceived Organizational Support in Relation to Stress. My research recently allowed me to obtain the Bert T. Glaze Small Business Institute Award in the spring of 2016 and I landed a spot as one of the finalists in the PioBiz Competition. Despite not winning the PioBiz Competition, I was offered the opportunity to have my business plan fully funded by an audience member and I am currently looking into further developing the details of my business, Gliding Through the GRE, a tutoring program that would help students succeed in their future academic journeys upon graduating.

Feel free to browse my profile and view my qualifications. My profile contains detailed descriptions of a portion of my internship work, my current research, my business plan, my resume, and my contact information if you have any questions for me. Thank you and have a pleasant day.


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