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D3 – SecondLife.com – what’s the future of Virtual Worlds?

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In class the other day, Professor Wang introduced us to a virtual world called Second-life where you can interact with people online. While I do believe this could very possibly be the way people interact in the future I still feel like the website could use some work. This website is definitely a step in the right direction but I just feel like I rather use an app on a computer or phone to connect face to face with people, I’m not really interested in virtual worlds. As stated in then article below, I feel like virtual capability will be a lot better in the future than the present. When we can enhance computer graphics to actually look like the real world then I believe it could be an actual tool to professionally interact with people such as co-workers and business purposes.  I do not fully agree with this article though because I don’t feel like its actually going to be as big as they think but I do agree that this can help people make money and start businesses so if it creates jobs for people then I’m cool with it. I personally wouldn’t use programs like second life but I can see why it is appealing for some.

Article: http://www.zdnet.com/article/the-future-of-virtual-worlds/

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