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What’s wrong with Uber?

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Uber is an app that allows people to easily find someone to drive and take them places as a way of transportation almost like a taxi service. Uber is very popular in the U.S and many other places; people like college students or people who work downtown use the service and many people enjoy this new technology. Lately, France has been dealing with some hard times like violence and death. This violence has now spread to Uber drivers, many taxi drivers don not agree with Uber and think that drivers should have to acquire a special license like they have to. This protest from taxi drivers has lead to taxi drivers throwing things at Uber’s drivers and causing chaos and fights. I honestly, feel like Uber should stop their services for the time being due to other events happening in France. France really doesn’t need this going on right now. Another thing Uber can do is change it’s policy to where drivers do have to acquire a license to drive so the taxi drivers will be happy and believe the system is fair. Either way, something needs to change with Uber in France.

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