My name is Huaqian Yao. I’m looking for summer internship relative to my major or minor. I’m currently a sophomore, international major and French minor in Marietta College. I plan to graduate in May,2014. I’m from Yongkang, Zhejiang, China. This is my college email address:


In my ePortfolio, there are 6 parts. Firstly, my general information is in the home page. You also can have my resume in the resume page. The resume in French is available in the next page called resume in French. You can see my sample works I made in Marietta Colleges. The experience I get from Marietta College are described in the College Experience page. There is also a blog.

Before studying in Marietta College, I studied in No.1 Middle School in my hometown. I have been the class monitor for two years. I have strong ability of leadership. I was involved with a lot of activities in my middle school. I participated in two New Year Parties. I was the director for these two parties and both of them were very successful. I also participated in several competitions. The most proud one is the computer web page making competition for all of middle school students in Yongkang. I got the first prize, which there were just three first prizes.

I decided to studied in Marietta College because I want to broaden my horizon. Here in Marietta College, I have learned many different skills such as communication skills, foreign language skills and so on. The experience I gain from Marietta College is different from before. I was also involved with some activities in Marietta College. I participated in Chinese Luna New Year Party twice and I was the volunteer for the recycle mania active. Also, I participated in the discussion group about the relationship between international students and American students.

After I graduate from Marietta College, I plan to get my master degree. When I finish the whole education I plan to come back to China and work in the big international company.

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