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My name is Isiah Barbra and I am from Cleveland, Ohio. I am a double major with management and finance at Marietta College (class of 2018) and as well currently a men’s basketball player. Off the court I like to participate in activities such as PAC events, intramural sports, and the Special Olympics. Marietta College stood out as my number one choice after graduating from St. Ignatius High School College Preparatory. Marietta had my interest with their outstanding academic excellence, and as well as recruiting through basketball.

Being an student-athlete at the collegiate level is something that many should be very proud of. Since I was able to walk basketball is something that I’ve always loved and cherished. The game of basketball has brought me so much joy, along with many special experiences, and the opportunities that help form life long relationships. I’ve come to enjoy my experiences and the places basketball has took me and I love to share their everlasting memories to all who have a passion for something that they love.

I was never the most athletic or skilled player on the court but I made up for it with my hard work, determination, attitude, and work ethic. Once I graduate with my degrees in management and finance I plan on attending Graduate School to pursue my MBA.

In my ePortfolio you will come across my resume, along with a list of courses I have taken at Marietta College. In addition to some sample works that I have done for my classes. Then a story of my basketball career, and to conclude a page containing my contact information.

I do encourage you to take a look at the rest of my ePortfolio. Please feel free explore and ask any questions that you have, you can contact me at ib002@marietta.edu.

Thank you for your time !