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Ian Coverdale-McCord

UntitledGet to know me:

My name is Ian Coverdale-McCord. Thank you for taking your time to visit my ePortfolio! Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a Finance major at Marietta College and after graduation I would like to become an investment banker. Ideally I would love to work for a major firm located in a big city like New York or maybe Chicago. However, work and school are not everything. I really enjoy spending my admittedly limited free time with my friends and family. I say limited because I always take a full course load and in addition to my fiance major I am also minoring in political science and economics. I really want to take full advantage of my years in school! During the summer I like to spend as much time working as I can. I find the summer much more enjoyable when I am not constantly bored. I spent last summer working at a golf course with many of my high school friends and I honestly can not wait to return! It is really wonderful to work with a group of people when everyone get along well. Next summer I anticipate having an internship with an investment bank so I have to enjoy this one while I can!

ePortfolio Breakdown:

Course Taken: This is a list of the courses that I have taken in my time at Marietta College. It includes the name of the course, when I took it, and why I needed it (For a major or minor, to fulfill a gen ed., etc.).

Work Sample: This page displays some of the work that I have done for classes that I believe gives an understandable demonstration of my skills. It includes a brief description and a download link.

Resume: A detailed but to the point copy of my resume with a download link at the top.

Travel: I enjoy nothing more than traveling on vacation. This page has pictures and stories about the places I have visited.

Volunteer Work: An explination of the community service work that I have done in my community with link to the websites.

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