Travel April 23rd, 2013

Ian Coverdale-McCord

I really love to travel! Every opportunity that I get I am out the door. It does not matter where to, how long, or when. I simply cant help my self! This strange obsession has lead to some tremendous experiences in exotic place. That is not to say you can not have fun at home as well. Some of my favorite travel memories are form places a few hours from home!

Location Description
French Lake Wisconsin My favorite early childhood memories are at my families cabin. It just so happens that this particular cabin is located on a small lake in the Great North Woods of Wisconsin. I have been making yearly journeys to this amazing place since before I could walk. The best part is, no matter how many times I go, I am NEVER bored!
Xcaret Mexico Another place that I have gone back to again and again is the Occidental Grand Flamenco hotel in Playa Del Carmen Mexico. Its massive! I think that the shear size is a large part of the reason I am drawn back time after time. You can walk on the hotel grounds for hours and never see the same area twice. Even with that being the case though, you are never more than two minutes from the ocean.
Estes Park Colorado Here is the majestic Estes Park Colorado. The most amazing part of this beautiful place is the feeling that there is no one around for miles just as soon as you leave the small town. Estes is a national park so its protected by the federal government and this means it stays clean and wild. My absolute favorite thing to do here is fly fishing! Since its a park it is all catch and release but the sheer thrill is what I am really after anyways.
Southern Caribbean
Barbados All of the previous places are amazing and I will certainly be returning, but the Southern Caribbean takes the cake on my list of favorite places in the world. Its just awe inspiring beautiful. The water is amazingly blue and visibility is unreal. My favorite activity is scuba diving and in my opinion, the diving off of the small Caribbean Islands is unparalleled.
New York
New-York-City-Background-HD-Wallpaper While the Caribbean is my favorite region of the world. New York City is my absolute hands down favorite city on Earth. The amazing culture, great food, endless fun, and awesome history make it each visit a new and exciting experience. I would simply love to live in this amazing city. Around every single corner their is a new and exciting experience just waiting to be discovered.

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