Volunteer Work April 23rd, 2013

Ian Coverdale-McCord
The Franklin Park Conservatory
JL12FranklinParkConservatoryPD I began volunteering at the Franklin Park Conservatory when I was nine years old. I believe that it helped shape me into the person that I am today. It allowed me to meet many wonderful people and have some great experiences that I never would have had¬† if it was not for volunteering. Something very important that I learned¬† form this volunteer work was the value of hard work. Money is a wonderful reward for work but the feeling of accomplishment can be better…maybe!

Visit their website here!

Butternut Farms
cat My volunteering with the big cats at Butternut farms began during my senior year of high school and it was just fantastic! This awesome place is a home for animals that have been somehow abused by their owners. They house everything from a Bengal Tiger named Rowdie to a group small animals called kawati’s. This was more fun than a learning¬†experience but goodness it was awesome!

Check out their website here!

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