eportfolio home pictureHello and Welcome.  My name is John Mastronicolas.  I am twenty years old, and I am currently a sophomore at Marietta College, majoring in Sports Management and possibly minoring in economics.  Ever since I was a little kid, I have always loved sports and everything that has to do with them.  Sports have been a part of who I am my whole life and they are my main specialty.  The sports that I have played throughout my life have influenced me in becoming a Sports Management major.  I went to elementary school and junior high at St. Ambrose, and I graduated from Walsh Jesuit High School in 2009.  There I competed a a large number of sporting activities, including basketball for two years, and baseball for four years, in which i was also a three year letterman.  Some activities i was involved in during my four years of high school were attending the hunger center, giving poor people clothes and food, and also the kairos retreat.  These were great experiences and i learned a great deal from them. 

    When I attended Marietta College, I continued to pursue baseball and originally wanted to pursue athletice training as my major, but decided it was not the right choice for me and that sports management was a better fit.  I also decided to discontinue pursueing baseball, because I decided to worry about more important things.  What i hope to accomplish after graduating Marietta College is getting a job involved with the management of professional baseball teams.  Any job that has to do with professional baseball is a dream job for me, and it is what I have wanted for a while now.  Sports have shaped me into the type of character I am now and i cannot see myself getting into anything else.  I have always been a competitive person who loves challanges, and that is one of the main aspects in sports.

    While searching through my ePortfolio, you will find out more about me, including my courses I am taking for my major, some sample works I have done, My interests and hobbies, and also my resume. 

Here are ways to contact me:

Email: jam008@marietta.edu

Cell: 216-870-3690

Home: 330-273-3888

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