James Smith

I put Donlad Trump out of business.

When I first walked into the seminar, I had the sudden urge to go to the bathroom. I spent a good amount of time in there so when I returned to the seminar I had very little knowledge of Deloitte & Touche. I found out later in the seminar that they were a financial consultant company. The speakers explained that they take people’s money and put it in the right stocks and manage it well. The two speakers actually were Marietta alumni. One of them said the last time he was in this room was when he was taking his last final. I would never want a job like that because if you made a bad decision then you might lose people’s money and you would probably get fired. All in all it was a very informative seminar about Deloitte & Touche. Even though the speakers made some interesting points about Deloitte & Touche I would still not want to work for a company like that.

  1. B&E Admin Said,


    Were you there at the seminar????!!!! Take a look at other classmates’ postings about D&T and some of the topics presented at the seminar.

    Prof. Wang

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