Community Service

Community service is just as important an experience as the classes taken.  There have been various community service projects I’ve been apart of:

Community Service Community Service Description
Marietta Memorial Hospital For a full semester, I volunteered at the Marietta Memorial Hospital in various places.  One place I volunteered was the transportation department, helping to move patients to and from rooms.  I also volunteered in their psych department, working on various projects with the patients.  The last place I volunteered at at the Hospital was in their employee recards office, helping them sort through old and obsolete file folders and helping them organize after moving offices.
Make a Difference Day For my leadership class, a group and I had to do a project for Make a Difference Day and we chose to do a project for the O’Neille Center.  The O’Neille Center focuses on keeping elders active and socialized and my group helped the O’Neille Center put on a dinner and talent show to entertain them.
Community Service Day 2015 Once a year Marietta College has a community service day where multiple projects are hosted.  My group was assigned to help The Betsey Mills Club; The Betesy Mills is an organization that houses people as well as provides care for children.  My group’s project was to mulch a plaground in order to make it safer for children playing.
Cemeteries Coming Alive In February a group and I helped Roger Kalter, a local community member who is passionate about helping out the community in any way he can.  We helped him go to Oak Grove Cemetery, one of the biggest cemeteries in the city, and pick up dead fall and trash, as well as repair a tombstone as we learned about some of the history of the cemetery.
The Humane Society of the Ohio Valley The Humane Society of the Ohio Valley takes in stray dogs and cats and take cares of them until they are able to find the animals their forever homes.  I try and help them walk dogs or pet cats whenever I can, as I know the Human Society is short staffed and need help taking care of the animals.